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Prabhat Jain

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A well known luminary in the Silicon Valley once observed that Prabhat Jain has 9 lives! Prabhat has refashioned 9 companies from 1977 to his current company As a child born in India, he sat in the wonderful "rickshaw" with his mother and aunt, roaming the bazaars of Agra (home of the famous Taj Mahal) and absorbing the sounds, colors and smells around him.

Chance encounters while at University of California, Berkeley, with entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates led them to collaborations in multimedia. He developed the first RGB (color card) for the Apple 2e at Video 7. Later he would develop Media Vision, Turtle Beach, Dazzle, Emuzed and SliqBits. At Monsoon Multimedia, he served as a non-executive founder but it was his vision that went into the wonderful place shifting products Monsoon sold to over 160 countries worldwide.

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